The law that established the TV District tax assessment has a provision for exemption from the tax.

The District Board will apply a properly completed exemption form to the year it is filed plus two years after that (exempt for 3 years).  Remember, if your situation changes and you start using antenna television, you should contact the District to be added to the assessment rolls.  If you get a billing in a future year, please file the exemption form again if applicable.

Following are the qualifying reasons for an exemption:

  • There is no television set on the property (a monitor used only for internet streaming is not a television by this definition.)
  • The owner or tenant is currently subscribed to and receiving the services of a community antenna system (CATV) or cable service.
  • The owner or tenant is currently subscribed to and receiving the services of a satellite carrier.
  • The owner or tenant’s television does not receive at least a class grade B contour signal from the television district’s transmission.


Call the District (509) 322-0333 if you want us to test for the signal.


There are 3 ways to file an exemption request:

  • Go to the County Treasurer’s office and fill out an exemption form.
  • Mail in the exemption form that will be printed on the back of the assessment statement.
  • Fill out the online exemption form at the bottom of this page.


Opting In

Some owners of property within the District have opted to pay the TV tax even though they subscribe to a private cable or satellite service, or do not use a television on the property.  Those who pay the tax even though they would qualify for an exemption do so because they feel it is important to maintain this public utility.  If you have previously filed an exemption and would like to nullify it and resume paying the TV tax, please contact the District secretary at 509.322.3970 or lolson@tvdistrict1.org.


If you prefer to claim an exemption from the tax but would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the District, the IRS does allow deductions for this kind of donation (please check with your tax preparer.)


Click here for the Exemption Form.

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